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Types Of White Climbing Roses

Different Types Of White Climber Roses:

Sally Holmes:

Vigorous growth, White blooms in clusters, Slightly sweet fragrance, Huge 45 - 50 bloom clusters open a soft apricot and age ivory white, High disease resistance, Excellent repeat all round the year, Grows upto 25 feet tall.

White Dawn Climber:

Large flower and repeat blooms climber, Beautiful and high fragrance, Good disease resistance, Grows upto 14 feet tall.

Iceberg Climbing Rose:

Vigorous growth with white blooms, moderate honey fragrance, Highly disease resistance, Grows upto 14 feet tall.

Alberic Barbier Rambler Rose:

Creamy white with yellow center, Blooms ones in a year, Vigorous growth, Grows upto 25 fett tall.

white climbing rose

Sombreuil Climbing Rose:

Creamy ivory white blooms, Strong fragrance, Tolerates in hot weather, Grows upto 15 feet tall.

Lamarque Climber Rose:

Lemon white blooms, strongly fragrant, Vigorous growth, Needs strong support, Groes upto 25 feet tall.

Madame Alfred Carriere Rose:

Pinkish white blooms, Strongly fragrant, Grows upto 16 feet tall.


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