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Types Of Red Climbing Roses


Types fo Red Climber Roses

Stairway to Heaven Climbing Rose:

Medium red, Fast growing and covered with flowers, Ones it starts blooming it doesn't stop, 10 - 12 feet tall, 4 inch blooms, dark green foliage, medium sweet fragrance.

All Ablaze Climbing rose:

Medium cherry red colour, Excellent repeat blooming, 10 - 12 feet tall, large flowers, strong fragrance, high disease resistance.

Altissimo Rose:

Velvetty deep red colour single petal blooms, 10 - 12 feet tall, light fragrance, High disease resistane.

Red Fountain Rose:

Bright red colour and large flowered climber, 12 - 14 feet tall, Strong Fragrance, High disease resistance.

Don Juan Rose:

Deep red colour and large flowered climber, blooms have upto 35 petals, 12 - 14 feet tall, Strong fragrance, Good disease resistance.

red climbing rose

Dublin Bay Rose:

One of the best clear red climber, large flowered with moderate fragrance, blooms have upto 25 petals.

Fourth Of July Rose:

One of the best climbers of all time, Velvety red with white stripes, 10 - 14 feet tall, Flowers have upto 15 petals with strong apple and rose fragrance, Good disease resistance.

Dortmund Rose:

Red with yellow center blooms, medium to strong frangrance, 12 - 14 feet tall, high disease resistance.

Red Eden Rose:

Deep burgundy colour, Vigorous growth with semi-glossy, Continual bloom, Slightly fragrant, 5 inch blooms with 100 petals, 12 - 14 feet tall.

Handel Rose:

Red in colour, No fragrance, Cool climate is best for color, 10 - 12 feet tall.


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