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Types Of Pink Climbing Roses

Different Types Of Pink Climbing Roses:

Aloha Rose:

Large Flowered and vigorous climber, Rose pink with a darker reverse, Blooms have upto 50 petals with a sweet rose fragrance, 10 feet tall, high disease resistance.

Cecile Brunner Rose:

Famous sweetheart climber, Tiny pink blossoms, upto 18 feet tall, Good disease resistant.

Dream Weaver Rose:

Bright coral pink climber, moderate fragrance, growing upto 12 feet tall, Good disease resistance.

Coral Dawn Rose:

Ever blooming climber, Rosy pink with yellow centers, very fragrant, Grows upto 10 - 15 feet tall.

Eden Climber Rose:

Deep pink centers are highlighted with a creamy white halo, Slightly fragrant blooms, heavy foilage, spreading, Grows upto 10 - 12 feet tall.


pink climbing rose


High Society Climbing Rose:

Deep Magenta pink, Light fragrance, vigorous growth and well branched, Grows upto 14 feet tall.

Pearly Gates:

Light pink large flowered climber, Huge gorgeous blooms all summer through fall, Strong franrance, Upright grower suitable for piller style, Grows upto 12 feet tall.

Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose:

Deep pretty pink old garden rose form, Rich old rose perfume fragrance, Thornless and a great climber, Grows upto 12 feet tall.

John Cabot Rose:

Deep pink and very fragrant, very hardy, Modest climber for large arching shrub, Grows upto 8 feet tall.

Rosarium Uetersen Rose:

Deep pink in color, moderate fragrant, Hardy, Grows uotp 14 feet tall.


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