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Thornless Roses

Owing Thornless Roses:


It’s hardly possible to imagine a rose without thorns, the beauty of the rose makes you accept those thorns too. But today you will be able to find many varieties in roses; it is also possible to have roses without thorns.


Let us get acquainted with some of the rose that does not have any thorns on them. Now you are free from the hassles of wearing the gardening gloves and can go about your gardening without worrying about the thorns. 


The lady Banksias Rose:


The rose is a very popular rose among the thorn less category and the gardeners, it was in KewGardens that it was introduced, about 200 years back. This rose gives repeat blooming in the flowering period for two months.


The bloom takes place in early fall, that is September and October. You will experience the beauty of the yellow double bloom roses, which are incredible. The flowers are small, but you will find plenty of them on the bush, which gives a spectacular look. 



lady bankaias rose, thornless roses



The rambling rose is the type of rose that will grow freely. But it can be easily kept under control by pruning or trimming regularly, as this type does not have any thorns on them it becomes easy to cut them back and shape it.  


Just be careful about the way you trim it, because it should not be trimmed in winter, but after the flowering. The roses are grown from the wood of the previous growing season and pruning in the winter months will affect it badly. 


The Banksias roses are popular all over the world, because of the easy care and maintenance. The rose is almost disease resistant and therefore frugal use of fungicide spray is recommended. The commercial Fertilizers too are advised to be thrifty. But the planting should be in direct sunlight and in a well draining area. 


The Zepphirine Drouhin:


This rose too is almost thorn less and also is quite popular among the gardeners. A French man, and a rose enthusiast, had a wife named Zepphirine Drouhin, thus the flower got its name. This rose has a great fragrance and must be planted in the areas where it is possible to enjoy the fragrance.


The climber can grow up to the height of 10-12 feet in height and is said to be a moderate climber. But people have claimed that the rose has a bit more height. Training the rose is very easy on an archway or on the rails of the porch or growing them on the trellis.


As the plant is nearly thorn less, the handling becomes easy. The flowers on this plant are a dark pink a large, and the blooming time is from May to the onset of the first frost. 



zephirine drouhin, thornless roses



The rose is a shade tolerant bush and can grow well in moist soil and in shady areas. A great deal of air-circulation is expected for your Zephrine Drouhin, so that it does not contract any diseases and keep other fungal diseases away.


But it is better to plant the bush in a sunlit area so it flowers well and is disease resistant as well; therefore a full sunlight is essential for this variety. Pruning is necessary in the dormant period and should cut off the dead leaves and other dead things in order to help the plant be free of diseases. You should remember that the rose is prone to mildew, black spot, rust and rose rosette. 


Smooth Buttercup thorn less:


This too is a near thorn less variety, which has got much appreciation from all over the globe and has bagged many awards too. Because it is a thorn less variety it can be worked on easy.



buttercup thornless roses



It comes from the family of floribunda and grows flowers in clusters that are a golden color. This variety gives repeat blooms throughout the growing season and it has a light fragrance too. 



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