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Pruning Tips For Your Roses

Follow The Right Way For Pruning Your Roses:



Given below are few great ways for pruning your roses along with post pruning care as well as advice on the maintenance and tips.


For a healthy rose bush, full of roses, pruning is very essential. It stimulates the new buds and also increases the air circulation, it helps in getting rid of some pests and gives a great shape to the bush and becomes manageable. But remember, a new rose bush should not be pruned for the next few seasons so that they are able to grow the flowering canes.


The Hybrid tea variety of rose requires more pruning for repeat flowering as compared to the shrub roses.


Some Of The Basic Instructions For Climbing Roses:


The climbers or the climbing roses should be left out of pruning for a couple of years. The canes of these climbers need to be long for producing flowers. After two years get ready to prune the lateral shoots that sprout from the main canes for about 4 inches.


pruning tips for your roses, rose pruning tips



Right Way To Prune Roses


1. The cut should be made at an angle and ΒΌ inch over the bud. The bud should be over the slat made for pruning and should go outwards in the pointing direction.


2. The canes which have blotches or have some discoloration that can be a disease should be removed.


3. Dead canes should also be removed.


4. The unhealthy canes should be detached and those too that cross one another.


5. The suckers that grow from the root should be done away with. The color of the leaves is different, that makes it easy to identify.


6. Trim the remaining canes with an angle and make sure there is an outside bud on the top of the cut.




rose bush pruning tips



Instructions For Post Rose Pruning:


After the pruning in the spring; roses grow well with your pampering. Use some fresh mulch along the roses after immediate pruning of the roses as this is a good time.


Roses bloom with mulch around them and break down in due time. Mulch has its benefits in the rainy season of the spring. The mulch helps in preventing the disease spores and the other organisms in soil from splattering on the plant. Make use of thinly shredded mulch for the rose beds.


Feeding of roses should be held back for about 3 to 4 weeks when you are done with pruning. Add a granular feed, which is balanced to the roses at the plant base. Add it deep into the soil by scratching and watering should be in few inches. Make use of dormant pesticide if your plant has problems like the fungus and other diseases. A fungicide can also be applied after pruning.


The above tips will certainly help you in pruning the rose and you will face no problems while pruning your roses.



Pruning Tips To Pruning Roses 


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