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Pruning Rules And Techniques

The Rules And Techniques For Pruning:

Rules for pruning:

  • Remove all the rotten things. This way your plant lives healthy and keeps away all the pest and insects from infecting them.
  • The center should not be cluttered with canes; a center free bush promises a disease free bush and good air flow and does not allow any fungal growth too.
  • Cut the cross branches if any to provide vigorous growth.
  • Shape them according to the growth of the plant, and this will keep them prim and proper instead of the wild look.
  • The shears should be sharp.
  • The shears should be cleaned after every use as this cleans away any fungus spores or diseases.
  • The cuts should be sealed so that they do not infect with any diseases.  The Elmer’s glue is popularly used as it is cheap and effective.


pruning rules and techniques


The Techniques And Conditions:

Hard Pruning Or Low Pruning:

The pruning of the canes should be about 3 to 4 buds beginning from the bud union. As this results in strong canes of 4-5 inches length wise. This type of pruning techniques is best suited for the hybrid tea roses, floribunda and the grandiflora variety. Hard pruning must be avoided on the established bushes as they are unable to recycle, with the only exception being made to the save the neglected or sick bush.

Medium Or Moderate Pruning:

The strong stems must be cut about half the length, weak stems a bit further. For the established gardens of grandifloras, floribundas, tree roses and the hybrid teas, this technique has proved to be great.

Light Or Long Or High Pruning:

Pruning must be done back to about 2/3 of its length, remove all the useless wood. Light pruning is used only for the sick bush.

For a healthy and blooming bush keep pruning properly. 


Pruning Rules And Techniques To Pruning Roses

Pruning Rules And Techniques To Gardening Roses