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Pruning Roses

To maintain the health of the rose plant proper pruning and deadheading is necessary. But unfortunately, there are as many opinions that differ about the right timing to prune as the roses that could do with some pruning.


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Seasoned rosarians work with their tried-and tested rules, here you will get some information, especially for the newbie who are uncertain of their task.  As time passes and you grow accustomed with your roses, you will feel the urge for modifying the old techniques by introducing something new of your own. Well, go ahead, but take care not to kill the rose plant.

The job of rose pruning is not as complicated as it is believed. But, you have to follow fundamental rules. By following the rules and techniques those pruning shears by your side, you will be assured of some beautiful rose bush that reflect your effort and care that you have put in them.

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