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Planting Miniature Roses

(Planting Mini Rose Bushes Or Small Rose Plants)

How to plant miniature rose bushes? or Where to plant mini rose bushes?

Planting of miniature roses is very similar to that of planting other varieties of roses. The quantity of sunlight required is the same. Though they are smaller in size they take up the same amount of nutrients and process as that of the normal roses. They make up in blooming whatever is lost in their size. 


These types of roses require sunlight for a minimum of six hours in a day. Though it is not a must to have the same six-hour routine.  It can be put up in the sun during the morning time for about 3 hours and then placed indoors for sometime and again brought out in the sun during late afternoon.


The roses can be placed beside a wall that in south facing or in a hill if the place is cold. Placing it in this manner will help in making it exposed to the maximum light time and also help in retaining the warmth at the time cold seasons.



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Soil For Mini Rose Bushes:


Sweet soil is the favorite of Rose plants. Planting your mini roses in a soil that is slightly acidic and well-draining is very beneficial. If the mini rose is bought in pots then it is better to move these roses along with the soil in the pot to the ground. If the soil in your garden is clayish then you will have to raise beds. Firm clay is most essential but when exposed at a prolonged basis will cause water totting thus suffocating the roots.


Watering For Miniature Rose Bushes: 


There appearance might show that they would not require lots of water. But in the contrary as any other type of roses they also require water of six to eighteen inches ever week. Ensure that the soil gets drained well then there will be no problems of watering these roses in excess.  



While you are watering the roses, make sure u water only the roots and not the foliage. Most of them water roses from the top to the bottom. Intake of water is done only by the roots therefore it is advised not to water the leaves as it will only lead to the growth of fungus and various other diseases. You have to keep the leaves of your rose plants dry unless you have applied some kind of pesticides or foliar fertilizers.  



Roses that are small in size can be easily affected by fungal infections. This is mainly because the leaves that are situated at the lower end are very close to the ground and hence are always in a wet state.



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