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Planting Knockout Roses

(When and where to plant knockout and double knockout rose bushes)

How To Plant Knockout Rose Bushes:

These variety of roses are of the perennial type that means they produce bloom continuously and face challenges in harsh conditions as well. Go to a local nursery to buy the some quality rose so that not much time is wasted in being in the soil and transplanted.


    planting knockout roses


All the variety of knockout roses grow in different sizes and that is why you must consider this factor before planting the roses. The area you choose must be large to uphold the fully grown plant and even give about 6 hours of sunshine every day. The area should have a good drainage and fertile soil, which is recommended and ideal.

Now begin by digging a hole of about 6 inches width and 6 inches deeper and bigger than the root ball of the rose bush. Now pick out any unwanted sticks or debris or even rocks from the soil for reuse. Now get some good rose fertilizer even the organic one like the manure can be good if you want to have an organic garden of roses.

The bush should be lifted from the container that it is grown by pulling it gently and tipping it to a side. Now what you do is place a few inches of the soil mixed together with fertilizers in the base of the hole. Now plant the root ball directly in the prepared hole and the roots should be spread smoothly and evenly in the hole but only if it is possible.

The hole now should be filled with the remaining fertilized soil around it and mount the soil firmly around the plant. Watering must be done instantly which makes the soil settle. Make a rim around the plant as the water gets to the center and cover with mulch and water again. Later on watering should be done once a week. 

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