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Planting Hybrid Tea Rose

How To Plant bare root Hybrid Tea Rose Bushes:

If the plants have come as bare roots then you will have to get rid of the packing and soak the roots in water for a minimum of two hours to almost twenty four hours. It must be ensured that it is planted only in a soil which is not only loose but also has good organic matter.


Dig up a large hole that has a diameter of 12-18 inches so that the roots really spread out. Then you will have to make a mound with soil in the shape of a cone right in the middle of the hole. The roots must then be spread on top of the mound. You can verify the depth by keeping the shovel of a handle over the hole. 



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Like many other cultivated flowers, the hybrid teas are also bud grated on disease resistant, hardy root stock. Bud union is the knob that is visible at the bottom of your plant.


Bud union must be at least 1-2 inches over and above the soil level at places where the climate is really warm. On the contrary you must bury them 1-2 inches under the ground in colder places. The union must be well protected from extreme winters.  


The hole must be filled well with water and soil halfway to get rid of air pockets. Then they must be again filled with water and soil. 



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