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Planting Climbing Roses


While planning the climbing rose garden it is always better to bear certain points in mind. You will have to decide which way you want your rose plant to climb, across the porch vertically or along a water tank, fence etc horizontally. If you want your roses to grow in a good height then you have to choose a variety that is good at climbing. For horizontal spreading Rambling roses are the best but however they do not climb well.  


planting climbing rose


Trailing roses or rambling roses are also termed as climbing roses. They are incapable of supporting themselves and hence have to be supported against some kind of structure like a veranda, fence or garden arch. In recent times trellising are also being used for supporting the roses, thus enabling you to grow them anywhere in the garden.


The roses that grow horizontally will flower more than the ones that grow vertically as they rely on flowering spurs which are short and grow off from the stem. Ensure that you go through the label properly so that you buy a rose that fits your needs else you will land up being frustrated and curse the rose plant that is not flowering. 



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