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Miniature Roses

(Miniature Roses, Mini Roses or Small Rose Bushes)

Many people like to have their miniature roses inside the house. To help your mini rose bushes grow indoors, you have to make sure that they are placed where there is ample direct sunlight. In addition to this you can also bring these mini rose bushes outside at regular intervals or also supplement with them with cool lighting.

Growing of miniature roses is very similar to that of growing other varieties of roses. The quantity of sunlight required is the same. Though they are smaller in size they take up the same amount of nutrients and process as that of the normal roses. They make up in blooming whatever is lost in their size.  



     miniature roses, mini rose bushes




Sweet soil is the favorite of Rose plants. Planting your mini roses in a soil that is slightly acidic and well-draining is very beneficial. If the mini rose is bought in pots then it is better to move these roses along with the soil in the pot to the ground.


While you are watering the roses, make sure u water only the roots and not the foliage. Most of them water roses from the top to the bottom. Intake of water is done only by the roots therefore it is advised not to water the leaves as it will only lead to the growth of fungus and various other diseases.


The pruning process of miniature roses has to be done at a very minimal level as they don’t have the problem of overgrowth. The pruning process must be restricted to removal of dead or twigs, deadheading and shaping. The miniature roses don't require any other kind of pruning.


Steps To Care Miniature Roses:


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