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Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybrid tea rose varieties which have blossoms in single at the lower part of the plant’s stem and not in clusters. They are rather open than bushy. They basically repeat through out their growth season and also carry little bit of fragrance. 


The hybrid tea roses have more than 60 petals in each of their flowers and can be almost 5 inches large. Hybrid teas are marked by their pointed, long buds which unfurl slowly. Based on the conditions of growing and variety these plants can grow from 3 to almost six feet tall. The strong and long stems actually make them look amazing as cut flowers. These hybrid tea rose bushes are grown in all colors except for blue. Hybrid tea rose plants are also available in bi-colors.



    hybrid tea rose, hybrid tea rose bushes



As is the case with all plants, every hybrid tea is different. This does not mean that these hybrid varieties are fussier than the rest. The most important factor is to go in for a variety that suit’s the climate zone in which you live.


For those who live in places where the summers are really humid then it is better to go in for the ones with mildew resistance. Heat tolerant and vigorous root system plants are best suited for places where the summers are very dry.


One has to keep note of zone ratings if they live in places where the winters are really harsh and give extra protection for the plants. Hybrid tea roses that have thick petals last longer in extreme weather and are best cut flowers.



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