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How To Plant Roses

Planting the Roses- How to plant roses?

1.  Preparing the hole for Planting

For the roots to be accommodated without any kind of pushing, bending or cramping the hole must have a width of 2 feet and depth of 1 feet. The soil around the hole must be loosened with the help of digging fork which will help the incoming roots. The sides and the bottom must also be roughed up so that it won’t act like a bucket by holding water as that would result in bad drainage.


2.  Placing the rose plant in its hole


The plant must be positioned in the hole right in the center. The rose must be held with one of the hands and with the other the soil around it must be scooped back in. The soil must be then tamped loosely to do away with the air pockets. But extra care must be taken for treating the roots in a very gentle way. With the help of a hose water the plant very slowly to get rid of air pockets.


3. Making a basin around your rose plant


When you are done filling up the soil and planting the rose in a standing position you must begin watering the plant. But before you get to that ensure that you have built a basin around your plant. Around the outer diameter of your rose plant make a mound circle that is not very high. The height of this mound must be between 4-6 inches with a width of 18 inches.


4.  Watering the Rose plant


You will have to soak your rose bush that has been newly planted very slowly by using a watering can or hose. Watering your rose plants is a very important process as they will help the plant to develop a root system that is deep and drought resistant.



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