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Growing English Roses

(Growing And Basic Care For English Roses)

Cultivating and caring for English rose:


The method of taking care of the English roses is akin to the modern roses, but exceptions are there. 



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Zone 5 and warmer conditions are good for most English roses. Some hardiest English roses are Mary Rose, Constance Spry and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The other types of roses like the Graham Thomas will need protection from the winter and cold climates.




you will see that English roses of certain types are quite disease resistant, like the black spot and some other diseases. However the other red English roses are quite prone to diseases like black spot and others and are weak growers. 


Planting English Rose Bushes:


The rose plants can be grown individually, but plants of the same variety can be grown close to one another if there is enough space in the garden and is recommended too. A group planting gives a fuller look to the pant and with many flowers in one area as compared to a solitary planting. A similar number of bushes around the garden does not look natural as compared to odd number of bushes in particular location. 



pruning english rose bushes



Pruning english roses: 


The beauty of the English rose does not end with the flower itself but is extended to the plant as well. All the plants have different nature, so it is better to study the shape, arching, bushy, upright shape of the plant before pruning. You will find two philosophies of pruning of English roses, namely, prune like old rose and prune like hybrid tea. But many people have found the method somewhere between the two. 


People prefer to prune their English rose in the way similar to the hybrid teas, wherein they cut the plant back sharply every year. This makes the plant smaller and produce few but large flowers. You will find this method usually in the places like the suburban where they do not have space for big rose bushes.


The other prunes their English rose like old rose, which makes them to imagine their form of shrubs. The pruning is done lightly or never or just the deadheading is cut off, in the initial years so that is makes the bush fill up. But a big bush produces smaller flowers but in large numbers. This method helps the plant to get a natural shape and the shapes like the bushy, upright, arching etc. 



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