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Growing Climbing Roses In Containers

How To Grow Climbing Roses In Containers?

Use Of Containers To Grow Climbing Roses  

Growing climbing roses can be successfully done in flower pots and containers. Container-grown roses just need adequate room to grow, good drainage of water, fertile soil, and a good source of light and air.

Although the roses have a tendency to grow upwards, they have to be planted in a homely clay pot or a plastic container that are big enough for the roots to expand which enables them to grow.

The space and the roots thus give a sturdy base to the plant and in turn give all the nourishment to the plant. The climbing rose too in the long run outgrows the pot or container in which they are housed, which is the reason why you will need bigger container to house in the roses. 

Check out the container for holes, which are useful for draining the excess water from the plants. The gravel and small rocks should be placed first at the base of the pot for draining.


growing climbing roses in containers


It is not a good idea to submerge the plant in the water, as they hate it; moreover, the bud union enhances the new growth. Therefore you should make it a point to regularly check up for unnecessary accumulation of water that gets clogged in the pots, particularly in the growing periods. 

The nutrients in the potted soil get exhausted faster as compared to the garden soil that would otherwise be there in the garden soil for the roses. Therefore care must be taken to keep the soil fertile in the potted soil to have a healthy plant.

Prior to transferring the plant into a container, it is important that you soak the plant in the bucket full of water and rose food. The right proportion is one-third of peat moss; one-third of potting soil, one-third soil now mix this mixture in another one-third of garden compost and two-thirds of potting soil.

Two-thirds of the mixture should be poured in the pot first, then plant the rose and then cover it with the remaining soil. Some good pine straw mulch should also be laid over on the soil to give extra protection.  Organic fertilizers can also be used for extra nourishing and plant food can also be added in the spring for having plenty of blooms. 

Watering should be done on a regularly basis for growing climbing roses for first two weeks of planting, and every alternate day for the following weeks. Continue doing the same and water once in the hot weather.

Overwatering should be avoided in the growing stage. Roses love morning sun and so they incline towards it. The sunlight needed for the roses daily is about six hours. In the cold winter the roses should be kept inside well sheltered and covered. 

Apart from the huge climbers, you can also opt for other varieties like the large flowered roses, miniature climbing roses and the rambling roses. Some varieties bloom once a year some can bloom in spring with a repeat bloom. Trellis can be used to enhance the magnificence of roses, or color the garden and help you relax.  


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