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Best Fragrant Rose Varieties / Best Fragrant Rose Bushes:

Fragrant roses and most fragrantroses and scented garden roses are what comes to most peoples mind when thinking about roses. A lovely, delicious fragrance is a top requirement for perfect roses. That's what all rose breeders strive for.


You will find roses that are fragrant as well as disease resistant and some are fragrant patio rose, some are ever-blooming roses and fragrant lavender rose. Today there are a variety of fragrant roses available where you will also find scented climbing roses, shade growing scented roses, miniature fragrant roses, hybrid tea fragrant roses, fragrant hardy roses and heirloom fragrant roses. 



1. Fourth of July 


This is a climbing rose, which was a winner as a climbing rose in 1999 in 23 yars. Fourth of July roses are large clusters and 4 inch wide, which adorns a vibrant red and white stripe. They proudly arch on a 10-14 foot cane. Along with all the fragrant roses in this list, the fragrant of the fourth July is unique and with an added bonus of a bloomer repeat. 


fourth of july, fragrant roses




2. Honey Perfume 


All the roses of floribunda do not possess any scent, but the exceptional case is with Honey Perfume that has a spicy scent. The rose is an apricot yellow which gives it a unique beauty and stands out in the category of floribundas. The height of 3-4 feet and the width is 2-3 feet. The Honey Perfume is a great specimen that has a good resistance power for mildew and rust. 



3. Mr. Lincoln 


This one’s award goes back to 1965 and with an AARS award has won many people hearts too. The color is velvety deep red and the category is hybrid tea. With a strong fragrance this flower is a taut and upright stems. This plant grows around 4-5 feet and the width is 2 feet.


4. Memorial Day 


The best among the fragrant roses and you will be amazed at one bloom’s perfume that spreads in a room. The category is the hybrid tea and has won the AARS award of 2004. The rose is a pink blossom and has a lavender glow to it. The Memorial Day can be compared to an old fashioned damask rose. The stems are good and long with the bushes as an excellent choice for climate that is hot. 


memorial day, fragrant roses


5. Scentimental 


This plant comes from the floribunda family and gives out spicy scent and is a beauty with stripes on it. It has an AARS award to boost of. The beauty is enhanced due to the creamy white stripes with burgundy colors. This is a very attractive rose that can attract attention without any scent of its own and a very good reason to win the 1997 award. 


6. Sun Sprinkles 


With an award in its crown in 2001, the flower is a miniature rose with bright yellow blooms that bloom in early and with repeat bloom in summer. It is a great disease resistance and ideal for small space. The height is 18-24 inches and used as edger. The scent is musky and in variety of colors.


7. The double delight 


This is one hybrid tea rose and has an extensive blooming season and has won the AARS winner in 1977. Double delight has a rich creamy whitish light pink centre and the edges go on to turn into a ruby edge. They have bushy growth that is around 4-5 feet and spreads around 2-3 feet. This rose has a good resistance to disease, though less effective in wet weather, that is also during the blossoms. The fragrant is spicy but sweet. 



double delight, fragrant roses




8. Midas Touch 


In 1994 the AARS award was won by Midas touch and is the popular choice of many people. The rose is a 4 inch blossom and gives out shining golden yellow color and stands 5 foot tall. The flower is also a hybrid tea type and spreads a musky fragrance. 


9. Sheer Bliss 


A hybrid tea category with a fragile built and pale pink color, this plant is a needs protection in winter but is a sweet fragrant flower and is a favorite due to its repeat blooming habit. The Sheer bliss is ideal as cut flower because of it long stems and bid flowers. 


10. Elle 


This rose has won the 2005 award and is also hybrid tea rose. This rose is an excellent disease resistance with more resistance towards the mildew and black spot. You will find the flowers to be shell pink, soft and glossy dark foliage and a scent of citrus and spicy scent. The Elle is a striking cut flower and gives a bloom of 4-5 inch and the stem is 10-14 inch. 


elle fragrant rose, fragrant roses



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