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How To Fertilize Your Rose Bushes With Rose Plant Food:

Ways for using fertilizers for roses:   


If you desire to perceive the perfect bloom in your garden then you have to use fertilizers for the rose plant. It is apparent that rose plant need fertilizers to flourish healthily so it is ideal for you to fertilize your garden in regular intervals. The new plants should be fertilized when they have flowered once.  


You can repeat the blooming of the roses in cycles, wherein you have to fertilize the plant, after the plant has flowered. The already matured plants should be fertilized during approaching spring and later after four weeks till the end of summer and then stop the feed. 


If you have a rich soil that is loamy and is composted with mulches and manure, the easiest way is to provide them a dose of composted manure two times a year, one in summer and once in spring. The foliar feeds require a lot of labor and it does not give great results either. 



fertilizing roses, rose plant food



It is necessary that the soil has a right proportion of nitrogen. The fertilizing products have an emphasizing effect on the nitrogen. The nitrogen keeps your lawn green and in turn keeps your rose plant green as well. The nitrogen has ability to reach the leaves of the rose bush, and therefore produces energy which will benefit the bud formation and you  will have more flowers. 


Therefore emphasize on the nitrogen feed. 


The ideal rose plant fertilizers should be balanced with the necessary elements given below. 


N (nitrogen) - Accentuates growth of stems and leaves. 

P (phosphorous) - Good for healthy roots and flowering. 

K (potassium) – It is useful for disease resistance, healthy growth and energy. 


The right proportion for fertilizing the rose plants is 5-9-6. 


The other care that is needed for your rose garden is to deep water the rose plants before you feed the plants with fertilizers. Though it is quite hard work, it is definitely worth it as the ultimate joy of a garden full of roses is simply rewarding. Many people usually want to know about the right type of fertilizer for the roses, it is a fact that only after trying many products, the right one can be chosen.  


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