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Feeding Hybrid Tea Rose

How to feed hybrid tea roses? / how to care hybrid tea rose bushes?

Hybrid tea roses feed heavily as they bloom repeatedly and hence benefit from regular food. It is better to start the process during the early days of spring typically when the winter protection is removed or before the new growth happens. 


You have to continue feeding them on a weekly basis or regular intervals based on the kind of fertilizer that is used. It is better that you opt for a fertilizer which is balanced or which has been specially made for roses. Soil that is slightly acidic (6.0 - 6.5 pH) is highly preferred.  


Iron plays a vital role when the pH rate of the soil increases. You will have to give your plants iron supplements whenever the leaves color become yellowish with the veins in green color. 


The color of the flower can be intensified and the flowering canes can be encouraged by using Magnesium sulphate (Epson salt). If the soil does not have any magnesium in it then it is advised to go for ¼ to ½ cup of magnesium for each plant either once or twice every year and also continue watering them properly.



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The fertilizing must be stopped at least six weeks before the first frost is expected. You would not want to have new growth that is tender on the plants which can be easily affected by even the slightest change in climate.


Mulching the rose bushes is very essential for cooling the roots and conserving water.  You will have to add 3-4 inches of mulch during spring time when the winter protection is removed. During warm weather you will have to mulch the buds when they start to swell. 



The pruning processes of the hybrid teas are much different from that of the other roses. If the blossoms are being regularly cut then the pruning process will lessen. When choosing hybrid teas, you will have to look out for the thornless types.


Most of these varieties have the expression “smooth” attached to their name. The thornless varieties take some amount of pain from the pruning process. Pruning has to be done during the early stages of spring before the new growth happens. Make sure you leave behind some leaves when cutting your rose plants.  



You will have to make incisions ¼ inch over and above a bud that is outward facing.   Cuts should also be made at an angle of 45 degree to enable the running out of water. You should also ensure that the damaged, diseased and dead canes are removed.



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