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Companion Plants For Roses

Plants for company   

After the rose variety choice is done, move next to the companion plants for roses. The amazing fact here about the roses is they love garlic and the variety from onion family. Onions belong to the Asaranginales and the main family belongs to Alliaceae. There are altogether 500 species from onion family. 

Garlic has the ability to protect the rose in the garden, but there are other onion species that are also proved to be protectors of the roses with a splash of colorful flowers to improve your garden and the roses too. The other companions for roses are the mignonettes and the marigolds. 

While choosing the companion plants for your rose garden, the time of their blooming should be considered, even the other characteristics like the height, texture should be thought over prior to planting them. 

If you wish to know more about companion plants for the roses, a book that is named “Roses love garlic”, written by Louise Riotte would be quite interesting. 

Go through the option while choosing plants:

The hardy roses are good, usually the old varieties are found to be the hardiest. The one that are not grafted with a different root are the best. The colors should be chosen according to the taste. If you want a less expensive variety then go for the bare-root roses. The potted roses though expensive are easy to plant and have more life span. 

The flowers that you choose either as the companion plant or the onion family variety should complement the rose garden. The next step is to finalize the plants and the colors, the arrangement and the location comes next. Start digging the soil once you visualize the garden of the future. 


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