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Common Rose Garden Insects And Pests 



The Most Common Rose Garden Insects And Pests:



common rose garden insects and pests




APHIDS: They are usually seen on the new growth and if in large proportion they can damage the plant. You can either blast them using garden hose or buy an insecticidal soap if the infection has increased. 


BEETLES: you will find several kinds of beetle, Japanese beetle is among the nastiest one of the kind which affects the eastern states the most. They have metallic heads and green-bronze bodies which are identified quite easily.  


SPIDER MITES: The insects are related to the spiders. They suck the leave juices and dry out the leaves and look dried. It is found that they grow well in the dry and hot weather. Get rid of them by using water on the undersides and surface of the leaves so that they do not infest. Use horticultural oils to spray on the leaves. 


SCALE INSECTS: They are small and round and oval scales found on the rose canes. Just scrape them off with a butter knife and use insecticidal soap to spray on them. 


ROSE MIDGES: These tiny larvae damage the buds of the plant which will cause withering and get black.  



rose garden insects and pests



The problem will be solved by pupating the soil and laying black sheets of plastics underneath the plant. Then cover with bark mulch. Get rid of the affected ones and spray insecticidal soap on leaves or you can spray on plants and soil with insecticide too. 


CATERPILLARS AND WORMS: These larvae are of flies like the moths. They crate holes in leaves and buds by chewing them. Just look for leaf roller caterpillar that can be inside the leaves. Simply pull them out and damage leaves. 


CANE BORDERS: These worms bore in the fresh growth that is tender or the ones that are recently pruned canes and chomp through the inside pith of canes. Thus the new growth dies. 



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