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Caring For Miniature Roses

How To Care Mini Rose Bushes Or How To Grow Small Rose Bushes?

Fertilizing Miniature Roses:

If you desire to perceive the perfect bloom in your garden then you have to use fertilizers for the rose plant. It is apparent that rose plant need fertilizers to flourish healthily so it is ideal for you to fertilize your garden in regular intervals. The new plants should be fertilized when they have flowered once.


The ideal rose plant fertilizers should be balanced with the necessary elements given below. 


N (nitrogen) - Accentuates growth of stems and leaves. 

P (phosphorous) - Good for healthy roots and flowering. 

K (potassium) – It is useful for disease resistance, healthy growth and energy. 



The right proportion for fertilizing the rose plants is 5-9-6. 



The other care that is needed for your miniature rose bush  is to deep water the rose plants before you feed the plants with fertilizers. Though it is quite hard work, it is definitely worth it as the ultimate joy of a garden full of roses is simply rewarding. Many people usually want to know about the right type of fertilizer for the roses, it is a fact that only after trying many products, the right one can be chosen.



caring miniature roses, fertilizing mini rose bushes



Take care of miniature roses during winter:



Most of the mini roses are not budded and grow in their own roots. There is not much worry on your mini roses getting affected by the cold during winter. However, it is always better to make preparations to safeguard your plants against cold. You will have to collar the minis if the climate is really cold and have the threat of ground frost.  



It is not a must to mulch these roses. But if you really wish you to protect your roses from extreme winters then you can always mound them after doing the winter pruning. If you are living somewhere in the south where the winter is warm and mild there is no extra preparation that is required.



    white miniature rose



Pruning Miniature Rose Bushes:


Now that you have a just bought a miniature rose plant, you must first do the pruning. First prune back all the wilting or spent roses carefully. Now what you have is a nice small round of bush or a mound of canes. 



The branches of rose bush are known as the canes, so it is ideal to manicure the plants to a rounded shape and keep the centre of the bush a bit taller than the rest of the plant. If you can cut by your choice, then you must take care to prune it in such a way that they face outward and is at the crown. If at present there is no bud, be patient you will get one, right now it is important to shape and prune. 



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